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Custom Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen Redo

Most home improvement projects will improve your home’s resale value. But, just like in any investment, it’s critical to understandand what are your best, most affordable, and most reliable choices.If you’ve been reading up to this point, chances are there’s at least a small part of you strongly considering the move on your own home kitchen remodeling. Good news is, we’re here to help you and are here to build & customize a well planned kitchen remodel for your own comfort.Of course, improvement of your home’s resale value is just a factoring price. Beyond that, a modern, upgraded, customized kitchen adds major buyer interest. It is one of the most sought home upgrades and will certinately be a huge selling point, all of which means that your home will sell quicker when the time comes. Additionally, and most importantly, you get to admire and love it yourself for as long as you own your home.So, let’s talk business. What does a well-planned kitched remodel actually involve?Function&Flow: Is your kitchen easily accesible? Is the space reachable and and utilized well? Is there adequate storage and space? Is it in good condition?Openess: Is your kitchen an open area? Is it welcoming? Does it feel inviting and hospitable?Cabinets: Are they in a good condition? Are they spacious? Have they been replaced? If not, have they at least been refinished? How old is the hardware? Customers use cabinets as a diameter for how they view, not just the kitchen, but the home overall.Counters: Are your countertops a solid surface? natural stone? granite? quartz? or glass? Are they clean and free of stains? Are they in a good shape? Are they confortable as a surface?Overall Aesthetic: How do all these parts get along? Cabinets, counters, flooring, lighting and appliances; do they all work together to produce your perfect matching kitchen space?It may seem like a bit to take in, but reassuring these aspects to build the perfect kitchen model is your ticket to improve your home value and satisfaction. Our design team at  Riverview Contracting is more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.Contact us today for a free estimate (804)436-3463

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3 Home Upgrades That Are Worth the Investment

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This season, why not treat yourself by realizing the dreams you have for your home? Whether you’re undertaking a minor remodel or complete home renovation, your project can enhance your quality of living and boost your home’s curb appeal and value if done right.

River View Contracting is here to help you get the most out of your project. Our team will work closely with you to create the home you love. We recommend tackling the following upgrades:

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, which is why it’s important to ensure it is functional and welcoming at all times. Updating this room can generate a high return on investment.

You can count on us to bring new life to your cramped and dingy kitchen. From rearranging appliances to choosing the right fixtures, we’ll suggest design ideas that suit your style and needs. If you only need a small update, you can take advantage of our custom kitchen cabinet installation. This can improve the space’s functionality and beauty without the steep price tag.

Home Additions

If your home is becoming short on space, that doesn’t mean you have to move out. Instead, you can maximize its potential by building an addition. You can use this as an extra bedroom, a lounging area or even a studio. Your imagination is the only limit.

With our thoughtful design and innovative techniques, we can create a seamless connection between your home and your addition. We match the details of your interior to preserve visual consistency.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Having your own outdoor oasis provides several benefits for you and your home. Whether it’s a deck or patio, it gives you a great venue for admiring your picturesque views, hosting parties with your friends or just enjoying a quiet dinner with your loved ones. Our crew can help you design your own serene haven.

River View Contracting is your one-stop shop for complete remodeling services, including bathroom cabinet renovations. Contact us at (804) 436-3463 and let us help you plan your project. We offer our stellar services to homeowners in Virginia’s Northern Neck


Great Summer Renovation Projects

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For most people, home renovations answer a family need- perhaps a finished basement for the kids’ playroom or an upgraded master bath. All of these are worthwhile projects if you plan to remain in your home for more than a couple of years. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add value right away, your dream renovation may be a sleek new kitchen with granite counters and stainless-steel appliances or a fabulous in-ground pool. So, with the summer here, what better time than now to start your home renovations?


Top Renovation Ideas

  • Adding a Wooden Deck – Realtors have noticed that home buyers are favoring decks because they’re a great way to entertain family and friends year round. A deck not only adds value to the home, but it also adds an outdoor space for you to get cozy in. The study found that the project return on investment on this is 77.3%
  • Finish your basement: If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to add extra living space to your home, a basement remodel can offer a 70% return on investment.
  • Painting your home: When painting outside, summer means you don’t have to deal with spring storms or winter snows. When you are doing the work inside, you have the advantage of keeping all the windows wide open for the best ventilation and drying.
  • Replace your windows and doors: In addition to improving curb appeal, upgrading windows and doors typically makes homes more energy efficient.
  • Landscape your garden: If you want to landscape and add some color to your garden, then summer is the time to do it, as plants and shrubs need the warm months to become acclimated to their new home.

Benefits of Renovating Your Home

Among the many other advantages of renovating a home are the benefits of reduced maintenance and utility costs. Home repair costs often increase significantly when maintenance is ignored or postponed too long, but by starting an improvement project when a problem first appears, it will often save you from additional expenditures. Replacing windows, doors or siding will result in greater security and a higher level of energy efficiency. When you replace outdated and insufficient insulation with newer and more efficient materials, your energy savings will be substantial over time too. Even the addition of a sunroom can reduce energy consumption and lower the operating cost of a house.

Create Your Dream Home with River View Contracting

Whether you are seeking the dream kitchen you have always wanted or the dream home you have always pined for, River View Contracting is here to help. With over 20 years of experience and a fantastic reputation, River View Contracting can make your dreams a reality. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, professional expert workers, and competitive rates. To learn more about our custom home building, visit us online or give us a call at 804-436-3463. To learn more about our services and who we are, follow us on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Warmth, beauty, and resilience underfoot-The DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system.

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Warmth, beauty, and resilience underfoot

We recently renovated a bathroom to include the DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system.

Ceramic and stone tiles are ideal surface coverings because they are durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain. However, two common concerns with tile are that they are prone to cracking and can be cold to the touch.
The DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system incorporates uncoupling technology that prevents tiles from cracking, along with loose heating cables that allow you to add heat wherever desired. DITRA-HEAT allows you to protect the integrity of your investment and enjoy the luxury of heated floors.

• Electric floor warming system adds luxury to any room
• Uncoupling technology is directly incorporated into the system to protect tiles from breaking
• Heating zones are easily customizable using loose cable and studded mat
• Easy to install; no need for the use of clips, fasteners, or leveling compound
• Minimal assembly thickness allows easy transitions to lower surface coverings
• Provides all the same attributes as the original award-winning DITRA: uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management, and load support

If you are interested in the DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system and looking for a professional Northern Neck renovation contractor, give us a call today at 804-436-3463, or fill out our online request form. You can also email Jesse at jesse@riverviewnnk.com



Here in the Northern Neck spring is just around the corner! With the transition to warmer weather and longer days, you may be itching to prepare your dwelling for the months ahead. Spring offers some bountiful opportunities to work on your home and update its appearance both inside and out. The following are some spring renovation project ideas that can boost your home’s functionality and aesthetic.

With winter beginning to wind down, and spring just around the corner, many homeowners out there are trying to find something to look forward to since the excitement of the holidays and the new year has passed. While most homeowners are likely going to be quite busy when the weather finally turns and spring arrives in full force, we still have a little bit of time to wait before that happens. Spring can be a wonderful time for a number of projects around the house, but renovation projects are easily some of the most popular. It’s not too soon to call and start on your new expanded kitchen or home addition, now is definitely the best time to start planning for it. There are a number of excellent benefits to planning your upcoming home renovation project before the weather takes a turn for warmer temperatures in the upcoming weeks, and to help highlight just what a couple of those are, we have taken the time to put together this short list that we hope will help.

More Time To Plan

One of the biggest benefits in starting to plan your upcoming home renovation now before the spring arrives in full force is because you will have a great deal of extra time to really nail down all of the details of your upcoming project. Beginning the planning stage of your project now gives you ample time to go over all of your ideas and renovation goals with your family and friends to determine what the best course of action is going to be. This also gives you plenty of time to determine what your overall budget is going to be and which project, or projects, you are going to try to get done in the coming months. All of this extra time also means that you can get in contact with your local contractor and go over your ideas to get a firm idea of what is going to be possible and what kind of price point you are going to be looking at in order to get the project done the way you want it.

Flexible Scheduling

Taking the time to start planning your upcoming renovation project now means that you are also likely going to have your pick of the best scheduling options available in the spring. Most other homeowners aren’t going to be looking at when their contractor is going to be able to take care of their project at this time of year as they are still determining whether or not they are going to be getting anything done at all. Scheduling your project now means you are much more likely to be able to get a time frame that is going to be convenient for you a opposed to just taking what they have available. River View Contracting can work with your schedule to get the job done right and on time!

More Warm Weather Enjoyment

One of the biggest problems with spring and summer renovation projects around the house tends to be the fact that by the time the work is complete, you have already lost a great deal of valuable time that you could have otherwise spend enjoying your new features. By planning your project out now and scheduling it early in the spring, however, you can have your project done in time to enjoy the entirety of the upcoming spring and summer seasons. This can be especially beneficial if your prospective renovation project has anything to do with your home’s outdoor spaces. Contact our team at River View Contracting today!

If you are looking for a professional Northern Neck renovation contractor, give us a call today at 804-436-3463, or fill out our online request formEmail jesse@riverviewnnk.com


Spring is quickly approaching and it is time to think of that special project that you have been thinking about. River View Contracting has years of experience giving customers the remodeled additions, kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams. We offer all of our clients high-quality work at a fair price, as our success depends on customer satisfaction. If you are ready for a gorgeous addition,  remodeled bathroom, contact us online or give us a call at 804-436-3463 for a free estimate. 

This home improvement and remodeling project is a great way to add more liveable space to your home. Thinking about converting your garage? This home improvement and remodeling project is a great way to add more liveable space to your home. 

One of the biggest initial obstacles during a garage conversion is deciding what to do with the door. Once your garage door has been removed, the space it previously occupied will need to be finished so that it extends the home’s living space. Some homeowners install a patio door or add a large window to the space and turn the remaining area into a wall. Other homeowners turn the garage door area into a new entryway or side door.

Most garage doors are sitting on plain concrete, which is often significantly below the actual home’s floor level. You may want to have the garage floor leveled or finished during the garage conversion process to blend it with your home in a nicer manner.

If your garage is currently attached to your home, we review with the HVAC technician if you could simply extend the existing heating and cooling system to the garage. If not, consider purchasing a separate heating system and cooling system for the garage. A simple baseboard heater and air conditioning unit will work perfectly.

If you will need a greater amount of electricity in your converted garage than in your existing garage, you should add at least one or two 20-amp circuits. This will ensure that circuits in the home won’t blow every time you want to kick on the air conditioner or the television.

If you are going to add water to your garage conversion, keep in mind that this may be the most difficult, time-consuming, and money-consuming part of the process. In many cases, getting the water extended to the garage is easier than figuring out a drainage solution. If you add in plumbing lines, be sure to have a line item in the budget just for the cause.

If you do currently use your garage for storing your car, are you going to park it on the street now? Another main use of a garage area is storage. Again, you will need to figure out where your belongings will go if you are completing a garage conversion. The bicycles and lawn equipment might need to move to a shed instead.

Finally, consider how you will blend your garage conversion in with the rest of your home. Match the siding, windows, door styles, and colors to the rest of your home. Otherwise, it will be very obvious that you simply converted your garage.

3 Reasons Why Mold Damage And Remediation Should Be Handled By Experts

If you see evidence of mold growth in your home, you should take action immediately. Allowing a problem like mold to persist will only compound the severity of the issue and increase the likelihood that you and your family will experience health issues.

Mold and Your Home

Mold is found both indoors and outdoors. Mold can enter your home through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mold in the air outside can also attach itself to clothing, shoes, bags, and pets can and be carried indoors.

Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where there has been flooding. Mold grows well on paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood products. Mold can also grow in dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery.

Many homeowners underestimate the severity and difficulty a mold problem can pose and mistakenly believe they are capable of addressing the problem on their own. In reality, mold damage and restoration is a serious issue that is best left to experts. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Your home and health are at risk. Many people suffer from allergies caused by mold, so living in a home filled with mold makes daily life that much more difficult. Even people without mold allergies are likely to experience side effects from mold exposure, including respiratory problems and sneezing fits. Mold is also known to cause asthma in infants.
  2. Visible mold is an indication that a larger colony is growing out of sight. Even if you don’t see mold, there could be some growing in places you can’t see. Disturbing mold by yourself can allow its spores to spread. Mold needs to be contained by a professional who has all the proper equipment that ensures mold removal is done as safely as possible.
  3. A professional can help replace and renovate any part of your home that has been damaged by mold. A proper cleaning will remove the damp and musky smell mold causes in your home, and items like couches and upholstery are highly susceptible to mold. A professional can perform an adequate restore.

Contact Us for Quick and Friendly Service

Regardless of whether you have serious mold infestation or you simply want to have someone check over your home to ensure it is mold-free, River View Contracting. can help you. We are not only experts at mold removal; we can help you replace and renovate any area of your home that might be damaged by mold. Contact us today to protect your home and the health of your family.

Five Reasons Winter is the Season for Home Remodeling

Suffering from the wintertime blues? It happens to the best of us. Driving to and from work in the dark hardly motivates you to tackle big projects. The cold weather only leaves you with the desire to curl up under a blanket, hot chocolate in hand.

Yet while this may be the perfect time to catch up on that much-needed rest you’ve missed out on the past few months, it can also be the perfect time for a little repair and home maintenance. And there are a number of reasons why winter is the best season for home remodeling.

River View Contracting Availability

Sunshine and long days make people head to the great outdoors, play longer hours, and take on new projects with vigor. It sends you outside to fire up the BBQ and makes you dream of designing your outdoor dream deck. It allows you to throw open the windows for a flow of fresh air and see how dingy your basement really has become.

Yes, warm weather and spring send us all rushing and planning to take full advantage of the warmer days ahead. We start dreaming. We start planning. And we begin to take action. It’s human nature.

Spring is the busiest time of year for a contractor. It’s the time of year where they dust off their calendars and start laying down the groundwork for the months ahead. If you’re lucky, you can get on their calendars early. If not, you may be at their mercy to schedule a project with only bits of time here and there, paying a premium for every hour they put in.

River View Contracting is slower in the winter months. We often have more time to spend on the “right” job that comes our way. We have more time to think and plan and turn our attention to whatever job is at hand.

Which means winter is the perfect time to get your home improvement project dusted off and put into play!

Avoid Spring Increases

Manufacturers understand the cyclical nature of remodeling too. They introduce new product lines and upgrade their wares before the warmer season is at hand. They use spring home maintenance shows to introduce the latest technology.

Because you won’t be walking through the door of your local building supply center without dozens following in your footsteps, you can often find the best deals of the year. Have your eye on last year’s model of refrigerator or cabinets? You can find all that and more at a price you’re willing to pay.

Find Better Inventory

Don’t you just hate it when you find the perfect appliance or faucet or fixture you have your heart set on it, only to return the next weekend to find it out of stock? Then no matter how much searching you do, you simply can’t find another?

Fixtures don’t move off the shelf space quite as quickly in winter months – especially without the hordes of people vying for the same products. It gives you a chance to shop around more and find exactly what you are looking for.

You can spend more time talking with sales people to ensure the quality of a product. You can do a little more research to make sure your final selection is the right choice for you.

 Get Approval Faster

Contractors aren’t the only people operating a little slower in the cold, winter months. You’ll find people at your local government offices are a little less busy. Which means it may take you less time to get all the permits you need to complete the job from beginning to end. And for your major projects, finding an inspector can be a little easier, which means you can move from phase to phase in shorter periods of time.

Consider Other Projects

 It happens every year. The weather turns nicer faster than we anticipate. Or a sudden cold spell leads to weeks of uninterrupted nice weather.

If you are working hand in hand with River View Contracting, this may be the perfect time to bring up those extra projects – you know, the deck expansion you’ve always wanted to do… or the sunroom you’ve wanted to add.

Yes, they will require outside work. And it’s difficult to complete those outside projects in the middle of a snowstorm. But when the weather clears for weeks, it may be the perfect time to get started and get them finished before the rush.

Some things are better off waiting for spring; you wouldn’t want to paint your exterior when cold temperatures still prevail. But building a deck or adding a porch can take place in the winter. All they need is a little extra planning and the desire to work with River View Contracting to see the project through to completion.

Get started on your project today.

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Does Energy-Efficient Window Glass Help with HVAC Costs?

In this post, you will learn…

  • Why window glass makes all the difference in home energy costs
  • What to look for in energy-efficient windows
  • What is a U-Factor and which type is best for your climate?

Does the Glass Really Make a Difference?

With so many options out there, it’s difficult to know what to look for in a quality, energy-efficient window. One of the most important aspects of a replacement window is the glass used to make the windows. While all window glass may seem the same at first, there are several factors that differentiate glass that can affect the performance of your window and your overall HVAC costs.


Low-E is an energy-efficient coating that will minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through the glass and into your home. Low-E coating helps either retain or reflect heat into your home while reducing energy costs throughout the year.


Argon and krypton gases add enhanced energy efficiency to your windows to help minimize heating and cooling loss through glass. Both gases perform as an insulator and work with the Low-E coating to give you a comfortable home. Here are some helpful facts about argon and krypton gases to help you choose which is right for your windows.

  • Argon gas is colorless, odorless and denser than air. Argon gas increases R-values and noise control and is best used when there are larger gaps between window panes.
  • Krypton gas is the more expensive of the two insulating gases, but it acts as a better insulator. Krypton gas is also colorless, odorless and can significantly reduce outside noise.

Panes of Glass

Triple Pane Glass – Triple pane glass is made up of three individual panes. Coupled with Low-E coating and argon or krypton gas, triple pane glass windows are the most energy efficient.

Double Pane Glass – Double pane glass is made up of two individual panes. This is the most common type of glass used in windows. Double pane glass windows are good insulators when Low-E coating and argon or krypton gas is added.

Single Pane Glass – Single pane glass is made up of only one glass pane. Other than keeping the elements out, single pane glass does very little in terms of insulating.

What Do I Look for in an Energy-Efficient Window?

When shopping for energy-efficient replacement windows, make sure that each window you plan to buy has been independently tested to meet the necessary performance requirements and has the certification label affixed to it. Here are a few certifications to look for in quality energy-efficient windows.


The NFRC is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide accurate information and labels so customers can compare energy-efficient performance in windows, doors and skylight products. The National Fenestration Rating Council® independently tests and certifies each window and door to educate a consumer on the window’s U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Light Transmission.


NAMI specializes in fenestration and building envelope products which include windows, skylights, patio doors and entry doors. This agency provides Certification Inspection and Quality Assurance Services to the building industry.


ENERGY STAR certifications are based on the minimal standard for performance a window must meet in a specific climate to ensure low energy costs.

Companies that have had their windows tested, certified and labeled are assuring you that the products being installed in your home meet all the necessary performance requirements.

What is a U-Factor (U-Value)?

When purchasing a new window, it’s also important to look at the U-Factor, but what does that mean? A U-Factor is the measure of heat transfer from the entire window including the frame, sash and glass unit. A lower U-Factor means the window has a greater resistance to heat flow and higher quality insulation.

When you choose a window, it should include an NRFC label that displays key energy performance ratings of that specific window as well as an energy-star label. Make sure to discuss the labels with your window replacement company to learn more and find a window that fits your specific energy efficiency needs, based on your climate.

Basements with Flair

Looking for space to put an exercise room, entertainment center playroom or office? Go underground! If your home has an unfinished basement, remodeling might be a great way to transform this commonly under-used space.

When considering a basement remodel, start by making a list of how you want to use the space. Be sure to think about the location of your furnace, washer and dryer, electrical panel and any other large appliances. There are items that can be moved and some we will have to work around.

Take note of:

  • Access to basement from upstairs and outside.
  • Location of existing plumbing if you want an additional bathroom
  • Location of vertical support columns
  • Location of windows and doors
  • Floor/ceiling/wall materials.
  • Amount of water the area gets.

Given their constant contact with the earth, basements are vulnerable to dampness, which makes basement remodeling a bit more complex than first meets the eye. Riverview Contracting will help you take appropriate measures to ensure a room free of moisture.

Most basements in older Northen Neck homes have low ceilings and few windows. There are many creative ways to make your basement light and airy. Talk to us about the variety of wall and ceiling lighting options available. We’ll make sure to provide appropriate electrical lines and outlets.

 Here are some tips of the trade we ask clients to think about when making their underground space first class.

  • Stay away from dark wood paneling and instead consider drywall painted in light tones to make the room brighter. Semi-gloss paint will gently reflect even more light into the room.
  • Open up the visual space. Double doors – even glass double interior doors – take away the typical cubicle look. Or, how about a rounded archway or pass-through area from one room to another?
  • Check to see if exiting windows can be enlarged. Or, consider installing a small boxed window for a mini-garden to grow herbs or start plant seedlings. In some case we may even be able to cut a new window into the existing foundation wall.
  • Built-in books cases and entertainment units add richness and depth to a room. Light them with interior lights or from the top to cast a light downwards.
  • Disguise vertical support beams and horizontal ceiling pipes for floor joists by boxing them in. Or, you might decide to actually use pipes and beams as interesting accents by painting them with bold colors or subtle earth tones.

An unfinished basement is much like a diamond in the rough – unexplored splendor awaiting your discovery.                    

Our team has been working with families like yours for over 20years. And it is important to us that everyone works together to create the best possible experience. If you have questions about your home improvement project please let us know. 

Phone: 804-436-3463


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