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Five Reasons Winter is the Season for Home Remodeling

Suffering from the wintertime blues? It happens to the best of us. Driving to and from work in the dark hardly motivates you to tackle big projects. The cold weather only leaves you with the desire to curl up under a blanket, hot chocolate in hand.

Yet while this may be the perfect time to catch up on that much-needed rest you’ve missed out on the past few months, it can also be the perfect time for a little repair and home maintenance. And there are a number of reasons why winter is the best season for home remodeling.

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Sunshine and long days make people head to the great outdoors, play longer hours, and take on new projects with vigor. It sends you outside to fire up the BBQ and makes you dream of designing your outdoor dream deck. It allows you to throw open the windows for a flow of fresh air and see how dingy your basement really has become.

Yes, warm weather and spring send us all rushing and planning to take full advantage of the warmer days ahead. We start dreaming. We start planning. And we begin to take action. It’s human nature.

Spring is the busiest time of year for a contractor. It’s the time of year where they dust off their calendars and start laying down the groundwork for the months ahead. If you’re lucky, you can get on their calendars early. If not, you may be at their mercy to schedule a project with only bits of time here and there, paying a premium for every hour they put in.

River View Contracting is slower in the winter months. We often have more time to spend on the “right” job that comes our way. We have more time to think and plan and turn our attention to whatever job is at hand.

Which means winter is the perfect time to get your home improvement project dusted off and put into play!

Avoid Spring Increases

Manufacturers understand the cyclical nature of remodeling too. They introduce new product lines and upgrade their wares before the warmer season is at hand. They use spring home maintenance shows to introduce the latest technology.

Because you won’t be walking through the door of your local building supply center without dozens following in your footsteps, you can often find the best deals of the year. Have your eye on last year’s model of refrigerator or cabinets? You can find all that and more at a price you’re willing to pay.

Find Better Inventory

Don’t you just hate it when you find the perfect appliance or faucet or fixture you have your heart set on it, only to return the next weekend to find it out of stock? Then no matter how much searching you do, you simply can’t find another?

Fixtures don’t move off the shelf space quite as quickly in winter months – especially without the hordes of people vying for the same products. It gives you a chance to shop around more and find exactly what you are looking for.

You can spend more time talking with sales people to ensure the quality of a product. You can do a little more research to make sure your final selection is the right choice for you.

 Get Approval Faster

Contractors aren’t the only people operating a little slower in the cold, winter months. You’ll find people at your local government offices are a little less busy. Which means it may take you less time to get all the permits you need to complete the job from beginning to end. And for your major projects, finding an inspector can be a little easier, which means you can move from phase to phase in shorter periods of time.

Consider Other Projects

 It happens every year. The weather turns nicer faster than we anticipate. Or a sudden cold spell leads to weeks of uninterrupted nice weather.

If you are working hand in hand with River View Contracting, this may be the perfect time to bring up those extra projects – you know, the deck expansion you’ve always wanted to do… or the sunroom you’ve wanted to add.

Yes, they will require outside work. And it’s difficult to complete those outside projects in the middle of a snowstorm. But when the weather clears for weeks, it may be the perfect time to get started and get them finished before the rush.

Some things are better off waiting for spring; you wouldn’t want to paint your exterior when cold temperatures still prevail. But building a deck or adding a porch can take place in the winter. All they need is a little extra planning and the desire to work with River View Contracting to see the project through to completion.

Get started on your project today.

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