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Spring is quickly approaching and it is time to think of that special project that you have been thinking about. River View Contracting has years of experience giving customers the remodeled additions, kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams. We offer all of our clients high-quality work at a fair price, as our success depends on customer satisfaction. If you are ready for a gorgeous addition,  remodeled bathroom, contact us online or give us a call at 804-436-3463 for a free estimate. 

This home improvement and remodeling project is a great way to add more liveable space to your home. Thinking about converting your garage? This home improvement and remodeling project is a great way to add more liveable space to your home. 

One of the biggest initial obstacles during a garage conversion is deciding what to do with the door. Once your garage door has been removed, the space it previously occupied will need to be finished so that it extends the home’s living space. Some homeowners install a patio door or add a large window to the space and turn the remaining area into a wall. Other homeowners turn the garage door area into a new entryway or side door.

Most garage doors are sitting on plain concrete, which is often significantly below the actual home’s floor level. You may want to have the garage floor leveled or finished during the garage conversion process to blend it with your home in a nicer manner.

If your garage is currently attached to your home, we review with the HVAC technician if you could simply extend the existing heating and cooling system to the garage. If not, consider purchasing a separate heating system and cooling system for the garage. A simple baseboard heater and air conditioning unit will work perfectly.

If you will need a greater amount of electricity in your converted garage than in your existing garage, you should add at least one or two 20-amp circuits. This will ensure that circuits in the home won’t blow every time you want to kick on the air conditioner or the television.

If you are going to add water to your garage conversion, keep in mind that this may be the most difficult, time-consuming, and money-consuming part of the process. In many cases, getting the water extended to the garage is easier than figuring out a drainage solution. If you add in plumbing lines, be sure to have a line item in the budget just for the cause.

If you do currently use your garage for storing your car, are you going to park it on the street now? Another main use of a garage area is storage. Again, you will need to figure out where your belongings will go if you are completing a garage conversion. The bicycles and lawn equipment might need to move to a shed instead.

Finally, consider how you will blend your garage conversion in with the rest of your home. Match the siding, windows, door styles, and colors to the rest of your home. Otherwise, it will be very obvious that you simply converted your garage.

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