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Design and Construction Trends

Design and Construction Trends

More and more, women are being recognized as the final decision makers regarding new home design and construction. Translated, this can mean more storage space in bedrooms, an oversized garage, larger laundry rooms, security systems and a higher quality of construction; while men are looking for things such as larger garages as well, home theater systems, space for large screen TV’s and separate shower stalls and tubs.

Builders and engineers are becoming increasingly aware of other factors that new home owners are looking for. At the core of these trends are safety and energy conservation, both in manufacture and construction activities, as well as being resistant to storms, earthquakes, and fire. Designs that take into account the health needs of consumers and decrease the use of materials that leak gases after the home has been completed and can literally make you sick. Other interesting trends are flexible floor plans, access by older consumers who want to avoid climbing stairs, etc., outdoor rooms, more storage and the utilization of some eastern beliefs such as Feng Shui and others are becoming recognized by builders and consumers alike.

Technology is making its way more and more into the home and to be more effective, it is best to take into consideration the design of the home before it is build. The truly wired home incorporating security systems with video pickups, as well as sound, music systems with surround sound, home theaters, homes fully wired for phone, cable and satellite TV options and high speed data are becoming common. Controls that allow you to close the drapes to accessing your homes security system remotely are also being added.

Finally, regional trends are also a significant factor and continue to affect trends in various parts of the country.

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